Echoes of The Past

Echoes of The Past ~ by Alex Just

Published 20.11.2012

Echoes of The Past

Echoes of The Past ~ Alex Just

“A groan, uneven, ragged breathing. They both heard it at the same time. Tom’s heart thudding loudly against his ribs, a caged animal trying to escape, he edged over to where the sound was coming from. Right on the water line was a body.”

Stranded, without water, food or shelter, 17 year old Tom has only the company of his best friend Martin and a rich, spoilt girl, Julia, who’s keeping something from them. Thrown into a complex web that is the foundation of a past of which Tom has remained ignorant his whole life, he’s forced to acknowledge who and what he really is. Secrets which have been closely guarded until now are about to change Tom’s life forever as he is faced with a reality he never knew existed. Everything he’s been led to believe so far has been a lie…

Stanley Muddingfield, ex FBI, re-assigned to a new secret division of US intelligence, finds his holidays disrupted as the past which should long have been buried, is violently unearthed. Plunged back into a world he’d long left behind, Stan is forced into a race against time and an old enemy who is smarter and deadlier than is comforting to imagine. A fight to prevent global dystopia has begun and the only one who can find the answers, is Stan.


One Response to Echoes of The Past

  1. gaoxing says:

    Love the cover! Looks like a great read!

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